“Tutta Salute” (All-round Healthy) Specialties

Based on healthy and balanced nutrition, the natural evolution of the Mediterranean diet, the “Tutta Salute” (full health) line provides the proteins, minerals and vitamins required by the body, simply by replacing animal proteins with proteins derived from legumes, such as zolfini beans and pink chickpeas.
Tortelli Cuor di Fagiolo Zolfino and Cuor di Cecino Rosa (with zolfini bean and pink chickpea filling), and pasta with no eggs, are Toscanità’s answer to a world that is paying more and more attention to health foods. Given its nutritional characteristics, this line also meets the requests of those who follow a vegan diet, with low glycemic index and high fibre and protein content.

Tortelli Cuor di fagiolo zolfino

Tortelli Cuor di cecino rosa