Fusilli with Cheese

One of the most generous dishes of Italian cuisine

Superior quality raw materials for a unique taste, a generous and inviting first course.

curiosity: Among the oldest antecedents of macaroni with cheese is the Parmesan pasta described in the Liber de coquina, edited by an anonymous Italian who lived in the fourteenth century and is one of the oldest medieval cookbooks. Equally long-lived is the recipe for makerouns contained in the Forme of Cury, published at the end of the same century. This dish consisted of hand-cut fresh pasta topped with a mixture of melted butter and cheese.

Tempo di cottura: 3 minuti

How to prepare

With boiling water:
Mix the dry product - Add boiling water up to the indicated line approx 180ml - Stir and cover - Wait 3 minutes - Stir again - Wait a few moments before consuming.

Remove the top film and stir the dry product - Add cold water up to the visible line approx. 180 ml - Stir - Heat at 700 W (medium) for 3 minutes - Stir again - Wait a few moments before consuming