Fusilli all’Ortolana

a tasty, simple and versatile first course

The scents and flavors of the garden combine to give life to a summery and delicious pasta with vegetables! Mouth-watering!

The name derives from the Romanesque adjective arabbiato, which - in addition to the meaning also assumed in Italian - denotes a characteristic (in this case the spiciness) pushed to excess

curisity: The invention of the dish dates back to the 50s - 60s of the last century, a period in which very strong tastes were in fashion in Roman cuisine. Pasta all’arrabbiata has been immortalized in films such as Marco Ferreri’s La grande abbuffata and Federico Fellini’s Roma.

Tempo di cottura: 3 minuti

How to prepare

With boiling water:
Mix the dry product - Add boiling water up to the indicated line approx 180ml - Stir and cover - Wait 3 minutes - Stir again - Wait a few moments before consuming.

Remove the top film and stir the dry product - Add cold water up to the visible line approx. 180 ml - Stir - Heat at 700 W (medium) for 3 minutes - Stir again - Wait a few moments before consuming