Fusilli with Carbonara sauce

An intense and unique taste like its precious ingredients

One of the best known and most appreciated Italian regional dishes in the world. Few ingredients for an intense and unique taste

curiosity: According to a report by the Italian Academy of Cuisine, the original recipe for pasta alla carbonara is the most “falsified” of all Italian recipes abroad. In the main variations, especially of international cuisine, it is customary to replace pecorino with Parmesan, or even to use both.

Tempo di cottura: 3 minuti

How to prepare

With boiling water:
Mix the dry product - Add boiling water up to the indicated line approx 180ml - Stir and cover - Wait 3 minutes - Stir again - Wait a few moments before consuming.

Remove the top film and stir the dry product - Add cold water up to the visible line approx. 180 ml - Stir - Heat at 700 W (medium) for 3 minutes - Stir again - Wait a few moments before consuming