Fusilli with Pesto

Fresh, fragrant and irresistible:
the perfect recipe for a quick and tasty meal!

Pesto, known all over the world, is one of the most popular traditional sauces, typical of Ligurian cuisine. With fusilli, it gives rise to a fresh and tasty first course: an irresistible fullness of flavors.

curiosity: The first Genoese pesto recipe dates back to the nineteenth century, although it certainly owes more ancient pounded sauces such as agliata (Ligurian version of the classic agliata), based on garlic and walnuts, widespread in Liguria during the Genoese maritime republic, and the French pistou.

Tempo di cottura: 3 minuti

How to prepare

With boiling water:
Mix the dry product - Add boiling water up to the indicated line approx 180ml - Stir and cover - Wait 3 minutes - Stir again - Wait a few moments before consuming.

Remove the top film and stir the dry product - Add cold water up to the visible line approx. 180 ml - Stir - Heat at 700 W (medium) for 3 minutes - Stir again - Wait a few moments before consuming