Caserecce Rigate – 100% organic green pea flour

The main ingredients of this fresh pasta speciality are extra-virgin olive oil and legumes, grown, harvested and processed in Italy. Liegumes are considered a real gem for their nutritional qualities, whose recommended consumption is at least 2 servings per week. 60/65 grams of fresh pasta correspond to 55 grams of dried legumes, recommended for a healthy diet by the Italian Ministry of Health; but if dried legumes require hours of preparation, fresh pasta is ready in 5 minutes. An easy, quick and high-protein recipe – containing much the same amount of proteins as meat - which is also rich in fibres, thus contributing to a balanced diet and your well-being.

Misure indicative - Peso: 1,3 g - Lunghezza: 50 mm - Larghezza: o,5 mm